Compressed air equipment funded by programme “Energy efficiency in SMEs”


Take competitive advantage for your company and use the opportunity to modernize your compressed air equipment with the opened European programme “Energy efficiency in SMEs”, part of Operating programme “Innovations and competitiveness”

Deadline for the Energy audit activity: 10.08.2016
Deadline for sending of projects: 12.10.2016

Size of the grant within each project:
• Minimum - 50 000 BGN
• Maximum - 1 500 000 BGN

Percentage of the grant:
• 65% for micro and small enterprises
• 55% for medium enterprises

Funded costs within the projects:
• Costs for Energy efficiency audit
• Costs for buying of new machinery and equipment related to higher energy efficiency
• Costs for buying of intangible assets
• Costs for construction and installation activities
• Costs for consulting services for implementing of standard BDS EN ISO 50001
• Costs for materials;

Regarding to the already opened programme Mava Industrial offers:
• consulting for optimization and modernization of compressed air equipment
• support related to certified audit company for energy efficiency audit
• support related to consulting company for project preparation and management

If you have interest or questions related to the programme do not hesitate to contact us!