• Advanced AC control system eliminating the motor brushes and directional contactors, which makes the minimal maintenance requirements. Intelligentized regenerative brake system: increase overall truck performance by decreasing battery charge intervals.
  • Emergency reversing device.
  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads.
  • Long handle tube gives flexible and laborsaving operation.
  • Emergency power disconnect.
  • Low speed switch in the handle.
  • Stepless speed control.

  • Spring-loaded castors improve lateral stability on uneven floors and enhance truck performance and service life.
  • One-piece heavy gauge steel is formed for maximum strength forks.

  • Low battery protection setting prolongs the battery use time.
  • CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity and increases reliability.
  • Hall-effect throttle control eliminates wear components and requires no mechanical adjustment.
  • All pivot points have grease fitting and serviceable bushing, reducing component wear and extending component life.

    Main specifications:
     Model   CBD20J
     Drive type   electric
     Operation type   pedestrian
     Load capacity  Q(kg) 2000
     Load centre distance  c(mm) 600
     Load idetance,centre of drive axle to fork  x(mm) 815/865/935
     Fork height,lowered  h13(mm) 85
     Wheelbase  y(mm) 1181/1231/1301
     Axle loading,laden front/rear  kg 882/1638
     Axle loading,unlader front/rear  kg 418/102
     Tyres   polyurethane
     Tyre size,front  mm Φ250x80
     Tyre size,rear  mm Φ80x70
     Additional wheels(dimensions)  mm Φ127x57
     Wheels,number front rear(x=driven wheels)   1X+2/4
     Tread,front  b10(mm) 580
     Tread,rear  b11(mm) 340/370/470/505
     Max.lift height  h3(mm) 120
     Height of tilier in drive position min./max  h14(mm) 680/1172
     Overall length  l1(mm) 1682/1732/1802
     Length to face of forks  l2(mm) 582
     Overall width  b1(mm) 785
     Fork dimensions  s/e/l(mm) 53/180/1100(1150/1220)
     Width overall forks  b5(mm) 520/550/650/685
     Ground clearance,centre of wheelbase  m2(mm) 30
     Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways  Ast(mm) 2043/2093/2163
     Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 crossways  Ast(mm) 2143/2143/2163
     Turning radius  Wa(mm) 1462/1512/1582
     Travel speed,laden/unladen  Km/h 4.5/5
     Lift speed,laden/unladen  m/s 0.03/0.04
     Lowering speed,laden/unladen  m/s 0.05/0.045
     Max.gradeability,laden/unladen  % 5/12
     Service brake   Electromagnetic
     Drive motor rating S2 60 min  kW 0.9
     Lift motor rating at S3 15%  kW 0.8
     Battery voltagem,nominal capacity K5  V/Ah 24/210
     Battery weight  kg 140
     Battery dimensions l/w/h  mm 750x170x580
     Sound level at the driver's ear. To DIN 12053  Db(A) 70
     Service weight(with battery)  kg 520
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