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Automatic strapping machine with plastic strap StraPack - RQ-8

Automatic strapping machine with plastic strap StraPack - RQ-8


The RQ-8X is the evolution of one of Samuel’s most popular and longest selling models, the RQ-8. The new RQ-8X offers a higher strapping speed along with the same reliability, intuitive operation and ease of maintenance that the market has come to expect. These features reinforce the market leading position of the RQ-8 series machines.


  • High Speed - Up to 55 straps per minute (even with tension applied).
  • Anti-Jam Function - If the RQ-8X is operated accidentally without a package in place, the strap will form a loop, leaving the machine ready for the next cycle.
  • Easy Strap - Loading Strap loading is as easy as a touch of a lever. There is no need to thread the strap.
  • Automatic Re-feed - In case of a feeding issue, the machine will re-feed the strap automatically.
  • Easy Maintenance - Self-lubricating design reduces wear and tear and increases operational life.
  • Advanced Heater - Design RQ-8X is ready to operate in less than 25 seconds, contributing to increased packaging line efficiencies.
  • Portable - Heavy-duty metal casters allow the RQ-8X to be quickly moved to any single phase power supply outlet.
  • Variable Tension - A wide range of tension is available via a digitally controlled tension dial. Tension capability is up to 80 kgf or 176 lbs (equivalent of 150mm or 6” stroke). Unlike many other machines in the market, tension does not compromise the cycle speed.
Technical features
Width 1500 мм
Height 1722 мм
Depth 610 мм
Weight 200 кг
Table height Ш 600 x В 850 мм
Min package size Ш 30 х В 100 мм
Max package size Ш 570 х В 820 мм

Спояване чрез нагряване/полипропилен

ID 200 х OD 450 х Ш 200 мм

Strap width 5, 6, 9, 12 (15,5 мм) - при поръчка на машината се посочва конкретен размер на чембера
Strap tension макс. 80 кг, 150 мм на единичен замах
Speed 1,7 сек./цикъл; 35 цикъла/мин.
Power supply 100, 120, 200, 220, 230, 240 V 1 Ph 50/60 Hz 0,65 KVA