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FRL preparatory groups

FRL preparatory groups
Parker's P3YL is a mist lubricator that injects an oil aerosol into the flowing air stream to automatically provide the correct amount of internal lubrication for air tools and other pneumatic devices. Proportional oil is delivered over a wide range of air flows and a precision needle valve assures repeatable oil delivery. A slight adjustment can provide a desired rate. Features: Body mat..
Parker’s line of filter regulators provide high moisture/particle removal with pressure regulation in a compact footprint. All units use a particulate filter with a 5 Micron rating. For accurate pressure regulation, all units are equipped with a detailed pressure gauge. A regulator is essential for compressed air applications where the flow of air needs to be controlled entering the point of use. ..
Parker's P3YCA is a 3-piece modular mounted particulate filter, regulator and mist style lubricator that provides accurate pressure regulation, high moisture removal efficiency, and proportional oil delivery over a wide range of air flows. The P3YCA is built as one easily configurable part number. The P3YCA has a filter / regulator which minimizes space and piping by incorporating two units into o..
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