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Compressed air dryers

Compressed air dryers
HYBRITEC compressed air dryers combine the extremely low pressure dew points of desiccant dryers with the energy-saving functionality of modern refrigeration dryers. The result: outstanding flexibility and huge energy cost savings. This means that the desiccant dryer can simply be switched off during periods where more moderate DTPs are required – such as in the summer months. Reliably dry, ..
KRYOSEC compact refrigeration dryers impress with their Made in Germany industrial quality. Offering dependable moisture protection in ambient temperatures up to +50 °C, the combination of a stainless steel heat exchanger featuring extremely low pressure loss and a low-maintenance overall design guarantees highly efficient operation. Thanks to their compact design, they can be installed directly w..
With their high efficiency storage control, SECOTEC TA to TD series refrigeration dryers dry compressed air tailored to your requirements to a dew point of 3 °C and ensure maximum efficiency at all times. A generously-dimensioned thermal mass enables operation with minimal material stress and assures stable pressure dew point performance. Huge potential savings in partial-load operation and ..
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