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Vacuum pumps


Vacuum pumps are machines that create a vacuum or negative pressure and are suitable, for example, for vacuuming dust, for packaging or filling machines, for drying, filtering and others.

KAESER vacuum screw pumps are their own development and are equipped with a SIGMA profile. By creating a single-stage vacuum, they provide the so-called low vacuum.

Three series are available with the following technical characteristics:

  • Suction capacity: 4.75 to 15.70 m³/min
  • Final vacuum: 99%
  • Pressure: 10 mbar (abs)

IE3 motors have been mandatory in the EU since 2015. Thanks to the use of these motors and the SIGMA profile, vacuum pumps from KAESER consume significantly less electricity.

Rotary screw vacuum pumps equipped with a specially-developed KAESER vacuum airend with SIGMA profile. Single-stage vacuum generation supplies a so-called low vacuum. There are three series with technical data that could be found below. Benefits: Extremely efficient - IE3 motors are mandatory in the EU since 2015. These motors and the SIGMA profile ensure that our packages use significant..
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