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Safety Cutters

Safety Cutters
It's all easy. It's all safe. The SECUMAX EASYSAFE is multi-talented. The prominent and pointed nose of the cutting tool easily pierces plastic sacks and foil-wrapped pallets. The concealed blade ‒ a Solinger blade at that ‒ easily cuts the sacks and foil. An integrated plastic 'material-guide' makes cutting thin film and paper sheets easier; even individual layers won't jam. And leather, safet..
The SECUNORM HANDY is compact, but don't be fooled! Being handy doesn’t mean it’s quaint. This is a cutting tool with “bite” and all the qualities required for the job. Compact yet versatile, lightweight but extremely handy, the SECUNORM HANDY is suitable for a variety of cutting applications. High frequency cutting is no problem...
Qality that's visible. With rounded-tip trapezoid blade. Thanks to a cutting depth of up to 17 mm, this cutter doesn't shy away from a challenge. And no matter your task, safety is always guaranteed; the fully automatic blade retraction functions even when you decide to not fully extend the blade. Cutter series, with the 0.63 mm thick blade highly suitable for use with virtually any type of mat..
SAFETY, COMFORT? EVERYTHING UNDER (LOCKABLE) CONTROL! The SECUPRO MERAK is our practical, lockable cutter with fully automatic blade retraction. With SECUPRO MARTEGO’s “little brother” we have thought about one thing in particular: you. The lightweight and user friendly SECUPRO MERAK lets you work safely, with little risk of cutting exhaustion. And there’s much more: thanks to a shallow cuttin..
More leverage, More performance. The slimline SECUNORM MIZAR is your gateway into our world of quality squeeze cutters. Instead of a slider, a lever is responsible for releasing the blade. Squeeze and cut. Thanks to a relatively large cutting depth, you can use this cutter to cut all common cutting materials. Efficiently. Its slender, no-fuss form, simultaneously allows a wide variety of cu..
Glides over the material. And right through the middle. For "PUSH" cutting. You are looking for a film and foam cutter that effortlessly cuts harder and stronger film? One that's not afraid of stubborn foam? You have found the best possible solution with the SECUMAX OPTICUT. Its Teflon-coated, metal foot makes it both extremely abrasion resistant and easy to slide. Glide with jam less ease thro..
Soft material. Hard worker. If you could verbalise you wishes, perhaps they'd go something like this… "A cutting tool for foam and pipe insulation. Disposable would be great. With the highest degree of safety." If you agree, please meet the SECUMAX POLYCUT. The blade is concealed, but its channel is wide. Making this cutter a reliable tool, perfect for cutting thick, soft materials...
It's all in the name. With blade lock. Glance at the SECUNORM POWERCUT and you'll know directly what it's made for: power cutting! This tool can be fitted with various different 0.63 mm thick blades, enabling you to fully benefit from its power, regardless of cutting task. To minimise the force output required from the user himself, the cutter is designed to fit in your fist in the most ergonom..
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