A few months ago, MAVA Industrial received an inquiry from a long-time partner of the company, whose activity is related to the leasing of large warehouses. All warehouses are located in one closed-type base, and their tenants number more than 100 and perform more or less similar activities related to trade. Performing their duties, all warehouses on a daily basis accumulate a huge amount of waste from the type of paper, chamber, nylon, cardboard and plastic.

And so, our partner faces a challenge. The commitment the company has made to both the local community and the environment is what motivates it in its search for a solution.&


The Challange:

After starting to research the options available on the market, the company narrows down their choices to the right waste baler for their needs.

Thanks to the well-established partnership relationships, the management team decided to turn to the experts from MAVA Industrial for consultation.

A subsequent site visit made it clear that a large baler would not be convenient for workers to use in all warehouse spaces, as it was assumed that they would have to organize their waste into it themselves.

Furthermore, the installation of such a large-scale press would require more space, is likely to make access to supplier and customer sites difficult, and last but not least, it is an investment that would pay off in the timeframe sought by the partner, but with a much more serious volume of the waste resource.


The Solution

We have discussed with our partner the possibility of installing several more compact balers at key points in the base, so that they provide equally equal opportunities to their users - whether to simply throw their waste into the containers or to compress it for a few seconds more time to much smaller and more easily manipulated size.

The manufacturer with which MAVA Industrial has partnered for several years regarding baling presses is an Austrian company with an established name and potential - Austropressen.

Among their wide range of products, it is easy for MAVA Industrial's sales department to choose one with the right size, shape and capacity according to the individual needs of each customer. They proceed in the same way in this case. They select several options that maximally meet the client's requirements and facilitate his choice.


The Result

As a result, our partner makes the decision to equip his base with four balers that can be accessed quickly, easily and eliminate the possibility of waiting in front of them. During working days, the removal of waste is carried out systematically to the designated place with a forklift, and its volume is drastically and noticeably reduced, and its scattering is minimized. Garbage bales are tight, strong and perfectly organized. The removal of the already baled waste to the recycling centers is also organized weekly.

"When this company contacted us about products that we had not previously discussed, we were more than happy to help - and successfully supplied and installed the equipment they needed in less than a month." shared by the MAVA Industrial team working on the project.

One of the things that is deeply valued at MAVA Industrial is long-term partner relationships.

Thank you for your trust!