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Hand stretch

Hand stretch rolles MFS 23 micr 2 kg
until August 1, 2022
Special summer price for buying hand rolls of stretch film with a thickness of 23 microns. Minimum quantity: 10 boxes (6 pcs/box)...
57.00лв. 82.00лв.
Action 300 is a hand wrapping stretch film with tensility from 70% up to 180%.Why to choose Action 300? Guaranteed length of roll and lower costs for stretch film consumption With guaranteed length of roll you avoid speculation on the weight of roll spool Guaranteed number of packaged pallets with fixed sizes GUARANTEED minimum 10 packaged pallets with 1 roll stretch film Action 300 under the foll..
Hand rolls LLDPE film, suitable for stretch wrapping of long profiles, small packages or loads. Characteristics of rolls stretch film: Width: 110 mm Length: 150 m Thickness: 23 μm Stretchability: 120 %..
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