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Carton folding machines


Carton folding machines, also known as carton folder gluers, are specialized machines used to automate the process of folding and gluing cartons or cardboard boxes. These machines are widely utilized in packaging industries, particularly in the production of folded cartons for various products such as food, beverages, cosmetics, and more.

Carton folding machines offer several advantages, including increased production speed, improved folding accuracy, and enhanced consistency in carton quality. These machines automate the labor-intensive task of manually folding and gluing cartons, resulting in higher efficiency and reduced human error. Carton folding machines can handle various carton sizes, styles, and materials, catering to the specific packaging requirements of different industries.

An automatic carton forming machine with a high output and a long lifespan. The new Superbox forming machine retrieves the cardboard blanks, opens, folds and forms the boxes and then seals the bottom with tape. Benefits: COMPACT AND FAST - Thanks to the reduced size and high productivity up to 720 boxes/h EASY TO USE - Thanks to the new intuitive color graphic display FAST SIZE CHANGE..
STARBOX is a semi-automatic carton erecting machine, available in two models - 50 and 65.  Benefits: Perfect match with all the Robotape machines With manual case errector, easy to use Reliable Compact Sturdiness..
The F2000 is a carton erecting machine which automatically prepares the boxes with the four bottom flaps folded, taking them from the side magazine. Once the carton is formed it is sent to the filling line after automatic taping of the bottom. Carton erecting is perfectly carried out even with light cardboard thanks to a patented device. Any interference from the flaps during folding is completely..
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