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Shrink wrapping machines

In the area of the new evo models, the MinipackTorre leading products, in other words the FM76A, the FM77A and the REPLAY 55C, have evolved thanks to a new programming interface with factory-fitted PLC. These three models join the tried and tested technical performance of a wellestablished range with latest generation, highest reliability electronics, authored by Schneider Electric The graphic ..
The Ripack 3000 + is the latest Ripack innovation. The combination of the flagship product, the Ripack 3000, with the short S33 lance, will provide you an optimal ergonomics allowing the reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD), which can be caused by constant bending and stretching during strenuous work. Get precision work, especially thanks to Ripack technology of short and rigid flame. Its..
FM EVO: all the innovation by minipack®-torre in a wrapping machine High-performance steel resistors: shrinking time cut by 50% and heating time cut by 60%. Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment: perfect heat-shrinking also on very light or flexible products. Sealed areas do not open. Extremely quiet. Exclusive patent. Waste rewinder: productivity up by 20%..
The FM DIGIT LINE has four models designed for customers with different production needs, to reach an optimum ratio price/performances and reliability in time. The FM is a steel manufactured line. Different production requirements are satisfied by the four distinct models. Standard shrinking magnet assembled on machine, washable stainless steel lower chamber to grant better hygiene in foodstuff..
MEDIA - THE VIRTUE OF COMPACTNESS The Minipack-Torre range of modular, semiautomatic angular machines is completed by MEDIA, with its distinctive monoblock structure. The shrinking tunnel, with adjustable temperature height and speed is incorporated with the sealing unit: this solution renders the machine more compact and versatile. MEDIA retains all the high profile technological features: the..
MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY MINIMUM EFFORT The MODULAR LINE semi-automatic, angular machines offer maximum packaging flexibility, and a quality product at a competitive price. MODULAR 50S and MODULAR 70, which have recently been updated and revised, can be used to package products using any material, producing highly attractive results. MODULAR LINE uses an electronically controlled sealing system and ..
The REPLAY evo range offers more basic products, yet with the same high quality. Equipped with new cutting-edge and exclusive systems, it is the most competitive offer of the new Minipack-Torre chamber machines. REPLAY evo combines significant technological content with a basic and compact shape in order to aim at substance without losing sight of excellence, a characteristic common to all machine..
TUNNEL 50 and TUNNEL 70 are a master piece in MINIPACK-TORRE shrinking devices. Now on the market with up to dated solutions to pack with maximum efficacy the most different kind of shrinking film. The stainless steel version (TUNNEL 50 INOX) is perfect for food or pharmaceutical applications. Features: Manual regulation of conveyor height Digital display with 9 storable programs Sele..
PRATIKA 56 is a completely innovative automatic packaging machine, basic model of a minipack-torre product range which imposes a new standard comparing to similar machines. High technological, mechanical and electronic components and granted reliability are the common features of a range of machines with specific packaging features: each one meets specific packaging needs. The model is equipped..
Machine is composed by: A wrapping machine with in line feeding belt; A shrink tunnel; Characteristics: Upper and lower film rolls unwinding driven, controlled by adjustable cams; - Hot self-cleaning bar for film sealing; Air blow for quick seal cooling. All moving parts are mounted on hardened steel guides through axial roll-bearings. Machine frame in carbon steel with ke..
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