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Semi automatic pallet machines

Semi automatic pallet machines
The D-53PLT2 is designed to economically and quickly strap most kinds of pallets using standard or heavier polypropylene strapping. The D-53PLT2 can cut the time it takes to strap pallets by up to 2/3 when compared to hand tools. Its simple operation entails pushing the track into the pallet void, pressing a button to feed the strap, and inserting the tip of the strap in the machine – and within 2..
The D-53HE2 is designed to quickly and economically apply horizontal straps to palletized goods and “Gaylord” boxes where automated equipment is too expensive, and hand tools or buckles are too time-consuming and cumbersome. Strapping height is quickly adjusted through the easily operated counterbalance that moves smoothly and effortlessly to the desired strap location. The innovative pendant swit..
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