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POWERCUT - safety knife for unwrapping

POWERCUT - safety knife for unwrapping


It's all in the name. With blade lock.

Glance at the SECUNORM POWERCUT and you'll know directly what it's made for: power cutting! This tool can be fitted with various different 0.63 mm thick blades, enabling you to fully benefit from its power, regardless of cutting task. To minimise the force output required from the user himself, the cutter is designed to fit in your fist in the most ergonomically way possible. This makes cutting noticeably easier.

Attention: be aware that when you activate the lock, the blade will no longer automatically retract.

Heavy-Duty SAFETY Cutter with thumb-push blade slider, designed for use with rubber sheets, cardboard, kraft paper layers, etc. Forceful strokes can be made at a minimum risk of injury BECAUSE a SAFETY spring provides for automatic blade "shoot-back" into the handle the instant edge contact is lost! Let go of the slider when making the cut! For use by right- and lefthanders. "GS-TESTED FOR SAFETY"