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Push Steel Strapping Tool OR-H 21A

Push Steel Strapping Tool OR-H 21A


High performance strapping tools for stationary use. Steel strap width: 16-19 mm.

Control buttons positioned conveniently above the handle.

Technical features
    OR-H 20A OR-H 21A CR 25A CR 26A
Strap width mm 13-16 16-19 13-16-19 25-32
Strap thickness mm 0,40-0,63 0,40-0,80 0,40-0,63 0,80-1
Tension force N 4000 6500 3000 8400
Compressed air consumption (6 bar)



Tensioning: 6

Tensile strength: 6

Tensioning: 6,4

Tensile strength: 12

Tensioning: 4

Tensile strength: 3,4

Tensioning: 6,4

Tensile strength: 14

Приложение   for flat packages for flat packages for round packages for round packages
Тегло на машината kg 9,7 11,5 3,2 9,3