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Weighting systems


Here you can find our wide collection of innovative pallet trucks equipped with cutting-edge weighing technology. The range of intelligent pallet trucks, include products of the renowned brand Ravas, brings efficiency, accuracy, and convenience to your material handling operations. These advanced models feature integrated weighing systems that allow you to measure the weight of the pallets effortlessly and instantaneously during lifting.

RAVAS iForks are smart attachments that can easily be mounted on every forklift truck of any brand. The range includes basic and advanced models. Also available as extra thin edition. BENEFITS: Installation within 5 minutes Completely wireless through bluetooth: no cabling Fork power supply by Li-ion compact battery packs Digital calibration Load warning for tip and side loading ..
BENEFITS: Top quality Indestructible High accuracy hydraulic scale User friendly 5” touch display Intuitive full color touch display guides the user Easy calibration due to optimal calibration menu Overload indication in the display No manifold block: easy and cost efficient installation For use in combination with rotators and/or clamps Less sensitive to changes to load ce..
The RAVAS iCP is a new product in the range of forklift truck scales. This intelligent carriage plate replaces the former RAVAS RVL and allows weighing in combination with attachments. Durability The multiple flexures absorb the constant shock of load-bearing while transferring the weight to the load cells. These critical elements have no moving parts, reducing the potential for failure..
Entry model weighing hand pallet truck fitted with a compact indicator for quick and easy weight checks. It works on two AA batteries and is your ideal partner for checking the weight of any pallet, container, etc...
Basic scale functions Thanks to the robust chassis, this weighing hand pallet truck is suitable for basic and general day-to-day weighing needs. Fit for harsh conditions Being both shock and vibration resistant and water tight, makes this pallet scale most suitable for rough or outdoor conditions. Accuracy at a good price The combination of the robust chassis and the power supply by..
RAVAS-3200 is a hand pallet truck with extended scale functions The high accuracy with a max. tolerance of 0,1% of the load on the forks makes RAVAS-3200 suitable for use in warehouses and production environments, for example for mixing and batching. Li-ion battery pack - RAVAS-3200 is powered by a Li-ion battery for 75 working hours. This can be recharged with a separate charger. Benefits: ..
Hand pallet truck scale with parts counting program with automatic dosing function. This hand pallet truck has internal clock for date/time and three communication protocols...
The ProLine-6100 is a hand pallet truck scale with an alphanumerical keypad and programmable scale functions. For counting parts, mixing and dosing according to recipes, and for data transfer to a PC or wireless network. Extremely accurate - A highly accurate weighing hand pallet truck with a multirange graduation up to 0.5 kg at 2,000 kg. User friendly - A very user friendly mobile weighing sy..
Entry model weighing hand pallet truck fitted with a compact indicator for quick and easy weight checks. It works on two AA batteries and is your ideal partner for checking the weight of any pallet, container, etc. The RAVAS Ergo Truck combines weighing and moving in one hand pallet truck scale. The electric drive enables you to easily move heavy loads over short distances. Easy to use - The 0,..
The RAVAS-2100 EXi is an explosion proof weighing hand pallet truck. ATEX certified and standard equipped with stainless steel fork shoes. Experience excellence in hazardous surroundings. Features: Suitable for industrial applications like filling, mixing and dosing in food, pharma and chemical industries. Standard ATEX certified and with stainless steel fork shoes and fully equipped fo..
Many operations wrap the load and then move the load to a separate scale in their facility to weigh the load. A stretch wrapper with a scale allows you to wrap and weigh in one easy step. When you weigh every load you reduce risk of overpaying for less-than-truck-load (LTL) re-weigh fees. Weighing System Kit is specially designed for our semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers. If you’re look..
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