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ZERO TAPE system - type with dispenser

ZERO TAPE system - type with dispenser


ZEROTAPE was created with the end user in mind.

The result is a tape dispenser which has been ergonomically designed. The position of the handle is strategically placed to minimize strain on the wrist. It also has a ventilated handle which is comfortable to hold and is significantly lighter than other tape dispensers on the market. The foolproof click reload system means there is no time wasted changing tape rolls.

ZEROTAPE also holds a tape which is longer than conventional tape (as well as lighter and stronger) so changes and disruption are kept to a minimum.


  • Ergonomic design: Relieves strain on the wrist, requiring 75% less wrist extension
  • Performance: 3x fewer roll changes, 3x less storage space
  • Lightweight: 25% lighter than conventional dispensers
  • Safe: Easy blade changes due to click-in system, safety serrated blade
  • Comfortable: Ventilated handle, rugged housing, quiet dispensing
  • Unique: Special roll core makes incorrect insertion a thing of the past
Technical features
ZERO Tape dispenser

1 pc

ZERO Tape 30036 rollsHot-melt48 mm х 150 m
ZERO Tape 60036 rollsSolvent48 mm х 150 m