If you are about to purchase a stretch wrapping machine for pallet packaging and are considering different options, it may be useful for you to read the text below to help you make the final decision.

It is said that if pallets are the unsung heroes of commercial deliveries, then pallet packaging is their secret weapon. We believe that by reading this text, there is no need to analyze the importance of pallet packaging or to praise its advantages, as you have probably already realized them yourself. However, when it comes to choosing the right packaging machine, things quickly get out of control.

You have probably already done your research, seen numerous machines or even an overwhelming number of machines, read their specifications and heard about their advantages. And yet, to make the best choice, you need to be aware of several key facts.c

What type of stretch wrapping machine do you need?

Get to know yourself and, more specifically, the needs of your company. What types of goods will you be packaging? What size? How will they be transported and to where? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before making a decision.

What functions should the machine have?

There are many packaging machines with various features. Perhaps you will recognize some of the functions listed below as suitable for your specific case:

  • There are many packaging machines with various features. Perhaps you will recognize some of the functions listed below as suitable for your specific case:
  • Integrated weight scale (optional): Installed on the shrink-wrapping machine, it will transport your pallet while packaging, without the need for additional activities in the entire process.
  • Remote control (optional): You can reduce the time a motor operator needs to get on and off the forklift by half, thus increasing your efficiency.
  • Load clamping pawl: thanks to this optional feature, the machine is able to keep the load stable when stretch wrapping it
  • Ramp (optional): Makes it easy to manually handle and unload pallets with a manual pallet truck.

The size of the product packaging and your available space are important.

The size of your product packaging and the available space in your warehouse are two important factors to consider when choosing a pallet wrapping machine. It's not just the size of your pallets, but also the available space in your warehouse that will play a decisive role in your choice. Don't buy a big shrink-wrapping machine if your pallets are small. The working functions may look impressive when printed on paper, but make sure you really need and will use what you're paying for.

First and foremost: what is your budget?

A pallet wrapping machine is an investment for your company. With that in mind, calculate the expected savings over a five-year period for each of the candidate machines and see if these savings are worth the investment.

Also, don't forget to include your employees in the equation. Shrink-wrapping machines are much safer than manual packaging, and the price of a safe working environment cannot be overlooked.


Where can you find professional advice and quality shrink wrapping machine?

The experience of the specialists at MAVA Industrial can undoubtedly be of great benefit to you during your exploration of the packaging solutions available in the market.

For many years, MAVA Industrial is the official representative of Robopac for the Bulgarian market. Robopac is one of the leading brands of the Aetna Group - a leading international producer in the packaging sector. From semi-automatic shrink wrapping machines with intelligent technologies to the latest generations of automatic machines, the Aetna Group produces and offers on the market a wide range of packaging machines and lines capable of meeting large production needs and providing individual packaging solutions. The synergy of technologies, innovations and sustainability allows the company to have its presence in international markets, offering highly efficient solutions in every corner of the world, consistent with market and customer needs.

If you are also looking for such a high-performance packaging solution for your pallet shipments or if you need advice from a reliable and competent partner, MAVA Industrial is the right choice for you.