As a result of an energy audit of the pneumatic installation in SOFIA MEL, MAVA Industrial delivered and put into operation a new compressor station. The equipment is manufactured by the German company KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

"In order to increase the competitiveness of its products, SOFIA MEL has set a requirement for the supplier company to reduce energy costs for compressed air production. After analyzing the compressed air consumed and the energy used for its production by the existing compressor installation, the specialists from MAVA INDUSTRIAL prepared a project of the premises and facilities, and dimensioned the system according to the customer's requirements for energy efficiency, "said the company."

The delivered compressors, one of which with inverter control and the most energy-efficient class of electric motors IE3, and in combination with an adsorption dryer with ECO Control, realize energy savings, leading to a return on investment within 3.5 years. The delivered equipment corresponds to the high quality of KAESER and meets all standardization and special requirements in force in the EU", added MАЖА Industrial.

Source: Engineering Review no.2/2012, March