Within the exhibition WATER SOFIA 2012 (March 28 - 30),MAVA Industrial SA will present a new generation of blowers, manufactured by the German company KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

"They provide an improved system for efficiency and maximum reliability," the company said. The new types of blowers are delivered ready for operation, including all sensors and star-delta start-up panels, as well as the possibility of a frequency converter for flexible flow control. All elements of the offered systems are CE and EMC certified. There is also a wide range of motors to meet performance requirements and reduce noise and ripple to ensure quiet operation at all times. The blowers are characterized by extremely compact dimensions. They are designed to allow all service activities to be performed from the front of the device, as well as the installation of several blowers next to each other. Some of the components, which are usually installed externally, are built into the equipment and are controlled by an internal OMEGA CONTROL controller, ”they add.

MAVA Industrial also says that operating costs can be optimized thanks to the ADA (Air Needs Analysis), which determines how the need for compressed air changes over time, how efficiently the air station operates and to what extent it can be increased. efficiency.

"Another optimization tool is the specialized design software KESS (KAESER Energy Saving System), which allows for simulation and comparison of different options for the air system, as well as calculating the relevant potential savings," said in conclusion the Bulgarian company.

Source: ECOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE magazine no. 1/2012, March