Client's Background: A distinguished Bulgarian distillery, renowned for its rich heritage and premium products, encountered challenges in their packaging process. This distillery is unique in producing oil using one of the oldest known technologies in the country and is notable for being the first restored distillery in Bulgaria.

Before World War II, its rose oil was directly supplied to prestigious perfumeries such as Chanel and Yardley.

Today, the descendants of the founder operate organic rose and lavender plantations and run a certified distillery for the production of organic rose and lavender oil, as well as rose water. This site is the only remaining operational old distillery in the Rose Valley, where visitors can authentically observe the traditional process of rose distillation.


  • Workers struggled with the use of metal strapping, which was labor-intensive and time-consuming.
  • The need to frequently bend during pallet packaging increased the risk of accidents and injuries.

Solution Provided by MAVA Industrial: As a trusted partner of the Bulgarian industry, the distillery decided to turn to MAVA Industrial for a solution. The company's regional sales representative highly recommended the ErgoPack mobile strapping system and personally conducted a free on-site demonstration. This advanced system immediately showcased its efficiency and ease of use, promising a reliable solution to the customer’s needs.

About the ErgoPack System: The Ergopack system is designed to streamline and semi-automate the strapping process, significantly reducing the physical strain on workers. It uses PET straps instead of metal, which are safer and more cost-effective. The system's ergonomic design allows operators to strap pallets without bending, thereby minimizing the risk of injuries and improving overall workplace safety.

Benefits of the ErgoPack System:

  • Cost Efficiency: Savings from using PET straps instead of metal strapping.
  • Enhanced Safety: A healthier and safer working environment for employees.
  • Process Optimization: Streamlined operations, reducing the time and effort required for pallet strapping.

Result: With the ErgoPack system, the distillery optimized its work processes, reducing worker strain and injuries while improving the efficiency of pallet strapping.

MAVA Industrial is proud to have supported this improvement and continues to be a reliable partner for the Bulgarian industry.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ergopack system and how it can benefit your operations, please do not hesitate to contact us.