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07 Dec Optimising an existing air distribution network
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Optimising an existing air distribution network A huge amount of cash is needlessly wasted year in, year out due to ageing or poorly maintained air distribution systems which allow valuable energy to escape unused. Resolving these deficiencies requires considerable thought and involves a lot of har..
03 Nov Designing and installing a new compressed air distribution network
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Compressed air is an efficient source of energy provided that its production, treatment and distribution components are perfectly matched with one another. Moreover, correct system design and appropriate sizing and installation of the air distribution network are also essential. 1. Economical compr..
29 Sep Energy savings with heat recovery
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Energy savings with heat recovery In view of ever-increasing energy prices, efficient use of energy is not only important for the environment, but is also increasingly becoming an economic necessity. Compressor manufacturers are able to provide various solutions in this regard, such as heat recover..
16 Aug Instapak Quick RT Protective packaging
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CONVENIENT, PORTABLE, CUSTOM PROTECTION   Instapak® Quick RT® Foam Packaging is a protective packaging solution you can take and use anywhere. By expanding up to 27 times their original size, Instapak® Quick RT® foam bags save valuable space, making them the ideal on-demand packaging solution. For..
15 Jul Advantages of aluminum compressed air piping
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Compressed air distribution piping is the means for transporting compressed air and linking the compressor room (supply & storage) to the point of use. Furthermore, proper generation and usage of compressed air represents one of the largest opportunities for immediate energy savings. A properly desi..
23 Mar Reduced electricity costs by 20%
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Is "energy efficiency" an imaginary concept and how can it be achieved? We guarantee that it is not just an imagination, but also completely achievable result with reasonable and return on investment! Let us meet you with one of our partners we''ve been working for more than 10 years now. To this ..
23 Mar When is the time to think about a stretch wrapping machine
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Before we introduce you to the specific case we have encountered very recently, we would like to clarify some basic concepts regarding the stretch. If your business also has a packaging line or logistics department, you probably have a lot of stretch film going through your hands every day. But eve..
08 Jul 10 tips for maintaining the efficiency of compressor equipment in the summer
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Hot weather can put a lot of stress on compressed air systems, and as temperatures rise we see many maintenance problems revealed. Here are tips for avoiding costly downtime this summer. 1. Change the oilSummer heat and humidity exact a heavy toll on the compressors oil. High heat and humidity can..
01 Jul Do you efficiently separate condensate from your compressor system?
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What do you lose with manual drainage? Operator time Up to 20% more power consumption than the compressor What do you lose when using a drainage cistern with a float? Maintenance time In the open position, compressed air is released, which increases your costs and reduces efficiency What do y..
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