Polyester or metal strapping: four advantages of polyester

Today's advanced engineering capabilities, combined with advances in raw materials, offer a wide variety of product options. They confuse buyers when making a decision, as such a decision already requires more thorough preliminary research, whether it is buying a car, repairing a home or choosing packaging materials for their business. Certain products often become the benchmark against which other similar goods are compared. This in turn leads to these other products being considered less good or more effective.

There have long been attitudes that polyester strapping cannot be commensurate with metal strapping when it comes to securing and securing loads. This is no longer the case. The strapping materials used today are much more developed than their counterparts in the past. The new materials bring with them a number of unique benefits, making polyester a trusted choice for strapping.

  • Greater safety
  • Less damage to the environment
  • Better performance and durability
  • Greater savings

Advantages of polyester in terms of safety

Polyester straps are safer to work with than metal straps. Comparing reels of the same length shows that polyester is significantly lighter. It offers greater safety for operators, as there are no sharp edges like those of the metal strap. The rounded edges of the polyester strap are more gentle on the hands and tires of the carts, causing fewer cuts and injuries. Operators with metal straps are required to wear work gloves to prevent the risk of serious injury. After removing the strap, workers could easily assemble the polyester strap by tying it up or disposing of it through closed recycling programs.

  • Easier
  • With rounded edges

Polyester tape and the environment

The overall environmental impact of polyester strap is significantly less than that of metal strap. In production, the polyester strap is extruded from raw resinous materials. Steel, on the other hand, is a product of a process that requires significant energy resources. The use of polyester straps contributes to generating huge amounts of energy savings for environmental-oriented industries and businesses. The lighter polyester strap also significantly reduces the weight of the entire load. This generates space, time and fuel savings when transporting goods from point A to point B. Polyester strap is a recyclable product that can help reduce the cost of packaging and waste disposal. In turn, these savings have a positive impact on corporate profits, reducing the impact on the environment. Once recycled, the material can subsequently be recycled many times and used in the production of recycled products after use, including a new strap.

  • Less environmental impact
  • With less weight
  • Generates less waste
  • We recycle

Better performance and durability

Polyester strap is considered a product that has the properties of a metal strap, but which offers a number of operational advantages. The excellent characteristics for coefficient of elongation and memory of the material contribute to the strapping to remain tightened in cases when the loads expand or contract. These characteristics help the strap to absorb the impact without breaking or losing its ability to hold and strengthen the load. This is the best choice for loads that shrink after cooling. The ability to stretch and maintain the strengthening force makes the polyester strap an ideal choice for wood and wood loads. Polyester materials are resistant to external conditions and ultraviolet decomposition, which prevents the weakening of the reinforcement when stored outdoors. Unlike metal, which rusts when wet, polyester strapping will not leave marks on the load when exposed to external conditions.

  • Performance similar to metal strap
  • Greater cargo security
  • Resistant to ultraviolet decay
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Rust resistant

Greater savings

The unique qualities of polyester make it one of the best materials for strapping and securing a number of palletized loads. When used as an alternative to metal strapping, polyester tape saves up to 30 percent or more. That is why polyester is:

  • Extremely versatile
  • 30% more economical than metal strap
  • With less work costs
  • With it, the loads are lighter
  • Causes more