Interview with Eng. Kiril Kolev, Sales Representative Compressed Air Department at MAVA Industrial SA

MAVA Industrial is the official representative of KAESER Kompressoren for Bulgaria. Could you introduce the readers to the distinctive advantages of KAESER compressors?

Every KAESER Kompressoren product is driven by their philosophy of high energy efficiency and long service life. KAESER compressors have a lower specific electrical energy consumption than other offerings on the market. Actual savings typically reach up to 15%, and in some cases even more, compared to other reputable manufacturers. Keep in mind that over the lifetime of a compressor, its electricity costs are around 70% of its total operating costs, and the purchase investment is only 18% of the total cost. Thus, with the use of KAESER compressors, the total cost is significantly reduced. This is a very interesting topic, especially in the current market situation.

How do you achieve a low cost of the compressed air produced?

In order to achieve high energy efficiency, we adhere to certain principles of compressed air production technology. Any compromise or neglect of these principles, in the design and construction of the compressed air system, deprives it of efficiency. It is good to apply a systematic approach and to combine all elements with regard to their characteristics. Often 'piecemeal' activities or purchases have the opposite effect. Buying compressor equipment is not just a bargain to pay less for. Selecting an energy-efficient compressor (or group of compressors) for compressed air production is a fundamentally important consideration for future operating costs. If the system requires several compressor machines, they must be properly selected according to the consumption flow profile of the specific production. Also, the capacity margin must be within reasonable limits. Selecting compressors with higher than required flow rates results in a significant increase in operating costs. An important factor in system efficiency is proper treatment of air to levels needed by consumers - no higher. If there is a consumer that requires higher air quality, the sensible solution is to treat it locally. The rather modern recently inverter compressors are no guarantee of low compressed air value. In fact, it turns out, in most cases it is the opposite. But this is a vast topic and is the subject of an entirely separate discussion. In the end, proper judgment and advice from a specialist in the field are determinative.

What are the competences that MAVA Industrial is developing in the field of energy efficiency? What solutions does the company offer for the Bulgarian industrial market?

By its very nature, air thickening is an energy-intensive process. Our contribution is to design and build new and efficient systems that can operate 24/7 and deliver compressed air with the required quality, pressure and flow rate. But beyond that, we can also turn existing compressor installations into efficient working systems. Anything that can be measured can be improved. We have the instrumentation and tools to measure and analyze compressor installations. The data we collect gives us real clarity on all issues that concern compressed air production and transmission. The figures show what the reality is and what the potential for real cost savings is, and practice shows that this can mean 25 - 40% cheaper air.

Are we to understand that MAVA Industrial has the ability to offer complete compressor room equipment to a company?

Yes, and not only. MAVA Industrial can offer complete solutions for the compressor room as well as for the entire piping system of the plant to the end consumers. The range of products on offer covers compressors, boosters, blowers, central controls, vacuum pumps, dryers, filters, receivers, condensing systems, inert gas and compressed air piping systems. We can assist in planning all parts of the process design on which to build an efficient compressor station, supply and install the necessary equipment for the production, treatment and distribution of compressed air.

What part of the country does the company's operations cover and how can people contact you?

Our team consists of experienced specialists and covers the whole country. For more information you can contact us via our website.


*Source: "Industrial Products & Applications" magazine, issue 5/2022.