Did you know?

Strapping 50 pallets per day with two strappings each means for the operator at least bends down 50 000 times and walks around pallets 25 000 times per year!

Bending badly leads to back problems!

Manual pallet strapping causes back problems; requires more staff; and leads to additional costs due to sick leave. Avoid it!


Back pain is the most frequent cause of sick leave.

Main reasons are a bent working position and wrong bending.

► 40 million days absent per year caused by back pains

► 9 billion € expenses for backache treatment in Germany every year


Improve processes by avoiding strain on the body. Create more efficient employees by having an ergonomic workplace.

  • Keeping an employee’s working ability until retirement age will become a substantial factor for any enterprise in the course of demographic development.
  • It has to be the goal of each organisation that employees can and want to be more productive.
  • To guarantee employment throughout a whole working life, we have to start rethinking. Ergonomic workplaces and changes in processes to help a workforce of all ages, will become more and more important.
  • It is proven that ergonomically–optimised workplaces lead to more productivity. Think ahead to increase your competitiveness and workforce engagement.

► But most of all: Show your employees that you care about their health.

With ErgoPack: Strapping 50 pallets per day with 2 strapping each means for the operator

exactly 0 bending down

and 0 times walking around pallets

per year!


ErgoPack – ergonomic, easy, efficient

Ergonomic, easy, efficient – that’s ErgoPack.

  • Ergonomic

ErgoPack is ergonomic: no bending down, no walking around the pallet. This means: ErgoPack minimises the risk of injuries and prevents back problems. When strapping pallets manually, the operator has to bend down twice and walk around the pallet once. For a properly strapped pallet with two strappings, this means bending down four times and walking around twice. 50 pallets daily, with 2 strappings each, during 250 working days per year results in: Bending down 50,000 times and 25,000 walks around pallets. ErgoPack puts an end to this!

  • Easy

ErgoPack is easy to learn and comfortable to use. Your advantage: Short training period for your employees, a little appreciated job suddenly becomes interesting and enjoyable. Plus: With a higher safety level for the users, there have been no accidents reported to us after more than 10,000 systems delivered globally.

  • Efficient

Reduced risk for back problems! Fun and motivation! More safety during the strapping process! A higher profitability and efficiency! Which means for you: More efficient working processes lead to more productivity and safer workplaces. Positive side-effect of the efficiency: Gain of time! Even professionals take two minutes to strap a euro-pallet by hand twice. ErgoPack can do it in less than 40 seconds.

We estimate: Even professionals take two minutes to strap a euro-pallet by hand twice. ErgoPack can do it in less than 40 seconds.

Gaining time is an extra benefit free of charge!

But see for yourselves:

Pallets per day Time-saving per day Time-saving per month
10 14 minutes 4,9 hours
30 42 minutes 14,7 hours
50 70 minutes 24,5 hours
100 140 minutes 49 hours


Are you interested?

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At no charge of course and without any obligations.

You will receive our custom tailored offer, perfectly adapted to your special needs. For specific questions, your permanent local contact person will be available on site at short notice. This is an essential advantage for you - particularly after purchase. Quick and reliable: Our sales staff provide professional assistance on site – especially during commissioning and training - to ensure smooth working right from the beginning.

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