Since the onset of the pandemic situation two years ago, many businesses have gone online in traditional or new and ingenious way. The number of online stores from then to now has undeniably and dramatically increased and people nowadays more and more prefer the convenience of the online shopping, while, of course, over time they allow themselves to be disappointed by some and impressed by other online stores.

And if we leave aside the multi-layered organization that such an activity requires, then definitely the appropriate packaging of the products being shipped is among the key things that online stores go through on a daily basis.

If you are one of those who make continuous efforts to improve your strategies and increase your sales, let us suggest a trick: improve the packaging of your products shipped from your online store.

Although at first reading, it may seem strange or not so important to you - believe us, packaging is a powerful tool to promote trust and loyalty of your customers, as well as a successful approach to repeat sales.

What exactly is packaging and why is it so important?

Packaging itself is nothing more than how you package your products so that they reach your customers in their ideal form. This is no doubt a correct definition, but it is not entirely detailed. Product packaging is also a way to wow our customers and leave a good impression!

There are three different customer's perceptions regarding a product:

 > Functional: the utility of the product itself.

 > Sensual: the feeling it gives the buyer when holding it in their hands.

 > Emotional: How the purchase affects him emotionally.




Absolutely the same applies to packaging: the functional aspect is that the products arrive safely - no more, no less. And the remaining two dimensions are those that can be successfully used to make an impact and make the customer fall in love with the product, store, service, etc.

As experts in the former, let us share with you a curious fact that we recently learned about one of the most common and first questions a person asks themselves when receiving their package from a courier: "Is it safe?"

And the other thing we would like to share with you is the strong impression we were made by the "creativity" that some online stores use when sending their products. And here by "creative" we mean that if there was a ranking, it would undoubtedly be won by a merchant: Sending a sufficiently expensive product; For the account of the recipient; In part of a newspaper; With an unsolved Sudoku…

If we try to "solve" the Sudoku: first we have an investment in a desired product, then a terrible negligent attitude on the part of the seller, additional paid transport costs and pure luck if we received an unbroken package at the end.

With the most sincere attitude to online store owners, we can say: Dear people, don't do that!

The first impression, by presumption, remains the most important and the most constructive in consequence. There are ways to show your customers that you value every purchase they make from your online store, that you care about your products, and that you care about them continuing to shop with you.

It's time to tell you that no, we at MAVA Industrial "have not discovered the hot water" - people have already invented it. They even invented it in so many different and working variants that you can't help but find the right solution for your needs. And here we mean the huge variety of packaging consumables such as:

  • air cushions
  • wrapping paper
  • variety of stretch
  • self-inflating foam bags
  • protective plates of polyethylene foam
  • and many, many more.

Our experts are available whenever you need advice on what packaging material to use based on the products you offer and the budget you are willing to put into one unit.

If your shipment volume is high on a daily basis - why not take a look at our compact and super practical packaging machines? To those of you, who will consider that this is an expensive decision, we can courageously answer - it depends on what perspective you look at. And we will add that there is no way to achieve a greater saving not only from the packaging, but also from the efforts and time that the packers put in. Guaranteed!


So, dear sellars:

√ Use cartons.

√ Brand your tape. Put it in a dispenser for your convenience.

√ If necessary, stretch the package without excessive effort.

√ Grow your business and grow with it without making things "complicated".

Leave a good impression and build a loyal network of customers by paying attention to every detail in fulfilling their online orders. Every product needs packaging! Choose the right one for yours!

Take a look at the packaging supplies on our website or call us today on +359 2 975 61 10 to help you with your choice.