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26 May Condensate: Correct drainage
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Condensate is an unavoidable by-product of compressed air production. We explained how, under average conditions, a 30 kW compressor with a FAD of 5 m³/min produces approximately 20 litres of condensate per shift. This liquid must be removed from the air system to prevent system failures, costly pro..
17 May Advantages of the packaging consumables made from recycled materials
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Packaging consumables made from recycled materials have a number of advantages over those made from virgin materials. These advantages range from environmental benefits to economic and social advantages. In this text, we will explore these advantages in detail and provide insights into the importanc..
11 May MAVA Industrial SA at Interpack 2023
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For those in the product packaging and processing business there was only one “place to be” from 4 to 10 May: interpack in Düsseldorf. Under the heading “Welcome Home” the trade fair welcomed visitors from all over the world. The joy of finally coming together as an industry was great. It delivered..
18 Apr Efficient compressed air treatment
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So, which compressor system provides the most cost-effective way of producing oil-free compressed air? Leaving aside the claims of individual manufacturers, there is no doubt that premium quality, oil-free compressed air can be achieved both with dry-running and fluid-cooled compressors. Ideally the..
06 Apr Choosing the Best Packaging for Fragile Items
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Choosing the most suitable packaging for fragile items has become increasingly important in the era of e-commerce. More and more people are buying almost everything online, and ensuring that their ordered goods shall arrive smoothly and undamaged, is now almost critical for businesses. In the follow..
16 Mar Why do we need to dry compressed air?
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The problem is in the air – quite literally: When atmospheric air cools down, as is the case after compression in a compressor, water vapour precipitates as condensate. Under reference conditions (+20 °C ambient temperature, 70 % relative humidity and 1 barabs), a compressor with a free air delivery..
07 Mar What are the features of PP strap
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Some insights on polypropylene strap band   Polypropylene strap is made from primary or recycled PP and is used to secure loads onto pallets or to group items for shipment. This is the most common and most economical type of plastic strap band. It usually comes in a variety of colors, widths and th..
01 Mar Fundamentals of compressed air production
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It’s the same with compressed air as with many other things in life: a small cause can have a large effect – both in a positive and negative sense. Upon closer inspection things are often different from how they at first appear. In unfavourable conditions compressed air can be expensive, but in the ..
03 Feb What is important to know when choosing a stretch pallet wrapping machine
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If you are about to purchase a stretch wrapping machine for pallet packaging and are considering different options, it may be useful for you to read the text below to help you make the final decision. It is said that if pallets are the unsung heroes of commercial deliveries, then pallet packaging i..
19 Dec About packaging in the e-commerce
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Since the onset of the pandemic situation two years ago, many businesses have gone online in traditional or new and ingenious way. The number of online stores from then to now has undeniably and dramatically increased and people nowadays more and more prefer the convenience of the online shopping, w..
07 Dec Optimising an existing air distribution network
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Optimising an existing air distribution network A huge amount of cash is needlessly wasted year in, year out due to ageing or poorly maintained air distribution systems which allow valuable energy to escape unused. Resolving these deficiencies requires considerable thought and involves a lot of har..
01 Dec About strapping and ErgoPack
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Did you know? Strapping 50 pallets per day with two strappings each means for the operator at least bends down 50 000 times and walks around pallets 25 000 times per year! Bending badly leads to back problems! Manual pallet strapping causes back problems; requires more staff; and leads to additio..
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