Before we introduce you to the specific case we have encountered very recently, we would like to clarify some basic concepts regarding the stretch.

If your business also has a packaging line or logistics department, you probably have a lot of stretch film going through your hands every day. But even if you are starting your business now and you have yet to think about packaging and reliable delivery of the final product, you will surely get here soon.

One of the most common questions we get from startups and even some experienced veterans is, what is the difference between manual stretch film and machine stretch film?

If you use a human hand to wrap with stretch, you will need hand stretch tape. But if, on the other hand, you intend to automate or semi-automate the process - in addition to the fact that the stretch film must be designed for machine use, you must also consider carefully in which machine to use it to invest.

Let's answer the question "What is stretch film?" The stretch film is a very stretchable thin plastic sheet material used for wrapping around products, boxes and pallets. Elastic recovery, or rather the "stretchability" of the stretch film, allows it to retain the elements around which it is tightly wrapped. The higher the percentage of elastic recovery, the better the stretch will hold the given elements. The purpose of the stretch film is to palletize the products, storing them properly and safely during transportation.

We divide the stretch film into two variants - hand stretch film and machine stretch film.

The hand stretch film is specially made for packaging by human hands. This type of stretch can be used with a stretch dispenser, but is not suitable for use with a machine. Hand stretch film can wrap many different types of products and piles of goods on pallets and is a good choice if you pack less than 50 pallets a month.

Machine stretch film, on the other hand, is specially designed for use with stretch wrapping machines. Machine stretch film wraps faster than manual, has a lower price, is safer and boasts better retention of goods. And here, of course - while machine stretch film has many advantages, its use requires a stretch wrapping machine, and such a machine can be a significant investment and your budget will not allow it. However, it is important to note the return on investment.

Types of stretch wrapping machines

There are many different types of machine stretch film. There are also many different types of stretch wrapping machines, each of which may or may not use any type of machine stretch film.

Hand stretch or machine stretch film - which one to choose?

When trying to figure out which type of stretch film is the best choice for your business, you will need to answer a few questions, such as:

What is your budget? - Depending on the answer to this question, you may or may not be able to afford a stretch wrapping machine, in which case you will need to use manual stretch wrapping. How many pallets do you pack? If you pack less than 50 pallets a month, you will want to stick to manual packaging. How many manual workers do you have? Pay attention to the number of employees, the hours worked and the number of packed pallets or items. Compare the cost of these items with the cost of switching to a stretch wrapping machine. The truth is that a stretch wrapping machine can save you a lot more time and money than you expected.

And here we come to our partner, with whom we have been working for many years. During one of our visits to his factory, while we are waiting for the time for our pre-arranged meeting, we are impressed by how many people are packing with stretch and in fact what material costs they inadvertently achieve.

Efficiency first! Then the instability of the packed pallet! Then the time it takes to stretch!

Of course, our client was not ready for such an investment! And for a similar development of our conversation, too. But behind the serious reputation that MAVA Industrial and all its representatives have built over time, is the fact that our customers are not just customers and that they are not! we are not just trying to sell them a product, we are firmly behind offering them a solution! Especially when we see that this solution could help their own business by optimizing costs and contributing to efficiency in the production or logistics process.

We made quick calculations: the company stretches about 30 pallets a day. Every month he buys 480 pieces. hand stretch foil. However, a percentage of this hand foil does not fulfill its purpose because it is left loose, crumpled, tucked, torn, etc. and separately of course 3 people are engaged only in this.

By investing in a packaging machine - the cost of stretch film of a particular company decreased by almost 3.5 times! The price of machines