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The SIGMA-PET-AIR system by KAESER consists of five components:

1. An energy-efficient screw compressor - developed and optimized by KAESER KOMPRESSOREN with the SIGMA profile, which forms the foundation for producing control and working air.

2. An efficient booster - precise coordination between the screw compressor and the booster allows for maintaining low energy consumption during the booster's operation, thereby improving energy efficiency.

3. Compressed air quality according to Class 1 - the SIGMA-PET-AIR system produces technically oil-free compressed air. The residual oil content and solid particles are reliably kept below the limits of Class 1 / ISO 8573-1.

4. Comprehensive compressed air reservoir - both high and low-pressure reservoirs are equipped with all necessary accessories, including a condensate drainage electronic device.

5. Fully automatic control - the central distribution compartment houses the KAESER CONTROL unit for control and monitoring, booster control (star-delta), and power supply for all drives.

The SIGMA PET AIR complete booster system combines blow and control air production in a single operation-ready system. An air-cooled rotary screw compressor produces the control air whilst simultaneously serving as a pre-compression stage for the blow air. Blow air booster, system controller and all compressed air treatment components for both pressure systems are installed operation-ready on a ba..
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