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ZEROTAPE was created with the end user in mind. The result is a tape dispenser which has been ergonomically designed. The position of the handle is strategically placed to minimize strain on the wrist. It also has a ventilated handle which is comfortable to hold and is significantly lighter than other tape dispensers on the market. The foolproof click reload system means there is no time wasted..
Water based adhesive. Width: from 38 mm to 75 mm Length: 900 m or 990 m Colours: transparent, brown, white. The tapes could be used for machine application...
AIRCELL is packaging bybble wrap BULPAK Strong with one layer extruded polyethylene CELLAIR. AIRCELL we offer by rolls with width: 1,00 м 1,20 м 1,50 м CELLAIR layer is added to combine protective characteristics of BULPAK with sensitive surface of the foamed polyethylene. The film is ideal for protective packaging of painted materials, stainless and metal surfaces..
AIRKRAFT - bubble wrap film with added paper Airkraft is bubble wrap type Bulpalk B4 in combination with 1 layer paper type Kraft. There is also Airkraft Lite which is combination between bubble wrap Bulpak Strong with paper type Kraft. We offer Airkraft and Airkraft Lite in rolls with lenght 1,00 m, 1,20 m and 1,50 m. Airkraft is ideal for packaging of furniture which will stay in wharehous..
Bolphane® BE is the standard film covering a broad spectrum of applications where a center folded film is required. Its strong shrink force makes it a good candidate for multipacking applications. The optimized pre-perforation of Bolphane® BE allows for a controlled escape of air during the shrink stage and makes the set-up easier. No more need for perforations on the shrink wrapper. Features: ..
Bolphane® BTT is ideally suited for equipment where high speed packaging equipment is running. Exceptional shrink characteristics on irregular shaped items. Bolphane® BTT can be successfully used in applications ranging from multimedia to publishing items as well as office supplies. Features: High speed machine compatibility High shrink at low temperature Hot slip properties Ex..
Bolphane® BTT XF130 is manufactured from a proprietary cross-linked process and is formulated with high-tech resins – such as the latest generation of metallocenes. Bolphane® BTTXF 130 is designed to wrap items which require a combination of high shrinkage and a low shrink force. Features: Low shrink force to avoid the distortion of flexible products High percentage of free shrink at lo..
Bolphane® BY technical properties allows this product to work on a wide range of manual to automatic packaging machines. The high degree of shrinkage at low temperatures, high shrinkability, superior optics and outstanding machinability allows this product to be a fast leading film in the display packaging market. Features: High performance Fast sealing/ Hot tack Hot slip properties a..
Bolphane® BZN crosslinked film is easy to seal and shrink on a wide range of equipments. Its versatility gives access to the broadest spectrum of products and applications. Excellent optics combined with a high shrink force make of BZN an excellent high profile/display film. The film’s toughness provides puncture resistance and ensures protection and product integrity especially to packages with s..
Packaging film with bubbles, which possesses excellent properties for surface protection. Specifications: Roll width:  500 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm Roll length: 100 m Material thickness: from 50 g/m2 to 120 g/m2 There are three main types of Bulpak aerofilm: Bulpack Lite - for light and medium duty goods and products Bulpack Strong - for medium and heavy duty products ..
Dunnage bags are used for protecting and filling of empty volumes in containers and trucks. Characteristics of dunnage bags: Width: from 60 cm to 120 cm Height: from 90 cm to 225 cm..
Foamed polyethylene - rolls for packaging and padding, which possesses excellent properties for surface protection and thermal isolation. The material with thickness 1-2 mm is ideal for surface protect packaging of goods and products, and thicker material is suitable for anti - concussion. Also available in Anti-static (pink) type, suitable for packaging of technology products and electronic..
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