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Horizontal stretch machines

Horizontal stretch machines
The Compacta series machines are built following high quality criteria and construction specifications that have been improved and refined through time. The high degree of satisfaction generated worldwide by the Compacta makes these machines the top preference of final users, which entrust their products to horizontal wrapping technology using stretch film. Thanks to a wide range of ring diameters..
The Orbit Range is where two technologies meet. The flexibility needed by high speed and high performance line machines becomes available on Entry Level horizontal machines to be added to work cells or integrated lines. FIXED MECHANICAL PRE-STRETCH 150% ON ALL CARRIAGES TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL PANEL - Touch screen control panel with new colour interface PRESSERS - The pneumatic drive presser..
Rotating ring wrapping machine with horizontal axis. Orbit 16 is a rotating ring wrapping machine intended for spiral packaging with stretch film of products with a prevalent development in length, fed according to the longitudinal axis of the machine. The machine is equipped with electro-welded mesh protections designed to ensure the safety of the operator during automatic operation of the machin..
Built accordingly to the highest manufacturing standards, the SPIROR line of horizontal stretch wrapping machines includes now a double roll version for models 400, 600 and 900, this Double Roll (DR) version allows even faster wrapping speed. The possible applications for these ROBOPAC machines are practically infinite and the high number of optional features available follows this phylosophy. ..
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