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Thermo PE-film


Polypropylene, such as shrink film, offers excellent durability, strength, and transparency, making it an ideal choice as a packaging consumable. It effectively safeguards the items and maintains its integrity even under extreme temperatures, without any risk of becoming brittle. This material is well-suited for various applications such as promotional packaging, attaching gifts, and bundling multiple items together. Additionally, it allows for customization by enabling the printing of product names, various patterns, and other designs. Notably, this film not only prioritizes environmental sustainability but also adds value to the packaged product. It is widely recognized as a popular choice for international commodity packaging.


  • High shrinkage, suitable for variety of materials and irregular shape package, it can also be made into bags.
  • High transparency, shine, tight seal and less hard corner.
  • Can resistance of low temperature without brittle, can be used for food shrink packaging.
  • It is suitable for color printing with good look to enhance value of product.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of automatic packaging machines, making packaging more efficient, saving manpower and reducing costs.
  • It is suitable for instant noodle bowls, puddings, jellies, toothpaste, cosmetics, books, beverages, metal cans and glass jars etc.
Polyethylene shrink film is mainly used for stacks and stack machines and one of its biggest advantages is that it protects heavy products from injury. Extremely strong and durable...
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