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Automatic flow packaging machines

Automatic flow packaging machines
CRIMA was the first packaging machine and bagger with a patented packaging system by Lorapack (it can work in a horizontal, inclined and vertical position). Success came quickly with this machine, as it is exactly this invention that makes CRIMA an innovative and versatile product, sought after by customers worldwide in different fields as bakery, fruit and vegetables, butcher and mechanics. Sp..
MAILBAG: the fully automatic bagging machine for the publishing industry MAILBAG is an automatic vertical bagging machine ideal for magazines, reports, catalogues and publications. The bag sealer machine works with a film reel mounted on a motorised roller. An adaptor folds the film and forms a closed bag containing the products. At the end of the process the product is automatically ejected. R..
X-BAG is the latest-generation vertical packaging machine that could only stem from minipack®-torre‘s innovation drive. It encapsulates the best technology available on the market, as well as innovations unique in their kind. Simple, cost-effective and practical, X-BAG is a form-fill-seal machine that creates packaging with three air-tight seals starting from a reel of flat heat-shrink film...
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