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Strap Dispensers


Strap dispensers designed for various strap materials used in packaging can be a valuable tool in streamlining packaging processes. These dispensers are specifically designed to hold and dispense different types of straps, such as plastic strapping, metal strapping, or even fabric strapping.

Here are some reasons why a strap dispenser can be useful:

  1. Convenience: A strap dispenser allows for easy access to straps, eliminating the need to handle tangled or messy rolls of strapping material. It simplifies the process of retrieving the desired length of strap for packaging purposes.
  2. Efficiency: With a strap dispenser, packaging operations can be more efficient and time-saving. The dispenser typically features mechanisms for smoothly unwinding the strap and cutting it to the desired length. This ensures consistent and accurate cuts, reducing waste and saving time compared to manually measuring and cutting straps.
  3. Improved Organization: A dispenser can help keep the work area organized by holding and neatly dispensing straps. It minimizes clutter and makes it easier to maintain a clean and efficient packaging environment.
  4. Enhanced Safety: Using a strap dispenser can enhance safety in packaging operations. It minimizes the risk of injuries that may occur when manually handling or cutting straps, as the dispenser provides a controlled and secure mechanism for dispensing and cutting the straps.
  5. Versatility: Depending on the specific dispenser model, it can accommodate different widths, thicknesses, and types of straps. This versatility allows users to switch between different strap materials and sizes according to their packaging requirements.

Overall, a strap dispenser designed for packaging straps offers convenience, efficiency, organization, safety, and versatility, making it a useful tool for packaging operations. See the offered by MAVA Industrial strap dispensers below. 

Portable and lightweight dispenser for corded strap, great for inside stores or small lumber yards...
Portable dispenser for plastic strap with easy movement of the heavy metal strip. Suitable for all conditions. The dispenser works with strapping tape with core diameter of 200 mm and 400 mm...
Useful and functionable dispenser for PP, PET or oscillated steel straps. The dispenser has useful container for strapping tool and consumables. Strapping tape - 13, 16 and 19 mm...
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