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Monophase reciprocating compressors


Single-phase reciprocating compressors are types of compressors commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. The term "monophase" refers to the single-phase power supply normally used to operate these compressors. These compressors are relatively easy to operate and maintain, with fewer complex components than other types of compressed air machines. Last but not least, professional reciprocating compressors can be used in a wide range of operating conditions.

These highly efficient, top performancing compressors are ideal for professional use in laboratories of small firms and small-medium companies in general. Highly efficient Top performance For small-medium business..
Reliable and suitable also for heavy-duty usage, the NS12S compressor series is a full range of belt-driven compressor for the professional user. Using cast iron cylinders to guarantee high reliability and long life, these machines are equipped with 2Hp MEC 80 and 3Hp MEC 90 electric motors and aluminium heads for efficient cooling. High efficiency, powerful, quiet and safe Efficient coolin..
The Balma NS12/50 CM2 single-stage belt drive compressor ensures a powerful, discreet and safe operation. It has extremely reliable and durable cast iron cylinders. Its 50-litre tank stores enough air for a wide range of applications and its larger oil casing ensures better lubrication. Move it easily on the job site with its comfortable handle and wheel...
The NS19S compressor series is designed for heavy-duty usage, with a compressor pump with cast iron cylinder and fitted with oil sight glass. The rubber grip handle, large wheels and double jockey wheel make them easy to transport even at the higher sizes. All models are equipped with a twin outlet pressure regulator. High efficiency, powerful, quiet and safe Reliable and suitable also for he..
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