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Monophase reciprocating compressors


Single-phase reciprocating compressors are types of compressors commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. The term "monophase" refers to the single-phase power supply normally used to operate these compressors. These compressors are relatively easy to operate and maintain, with fewer complex components than other types of compressed air machines. Last but not least, professional reciprocating compressors can be used in a wide range of operating conditions.

Reliable and highly efficient single-phase compressor with a capacity of 100 liters. The piston compressor has a belt drive and is intended for professional use. Features: Highly effective With great performance Suitable for small and medium businesses Technical data:  Tank - 100 l; Flow - 260 l/min; Power - 2.2 kW; Dimensions -110x40x85 cm; Weight – 78 kg..
The reciprocating single-phase compressor MaxAir AB 200/348 MC-R3000-PP2 is a powerful and reliable means of supplying compressed air. The compressor has a belt drive, cast iron cylinder and oil lubrication. The tank has a capacity of 200 liters and is equipped with large wheels for better mobility. It is suitable for a variety of applications including workshops, car repair shops and other ind..
MaxAir model AB 300/415-MC-R3000-PP is a single-phase reciprocating compressor with a tank capacity of 270 liters, designed for various applications such as working with pneumatic tools, grinding machines, and many other industrial activities. Features: Reliable and highly efficient High performance Ideal for industrial and professional needs. Technical data: Tank - 270 l;..
The Michelin MBL 6V2/1100 is a robust and reliable air compressor designed for a wide variety of applications. Whether you're pumping up tires, powering pneumatic tools, or maintaining your equipment, this compressor delivers consistent performance. Features: Compact design High power Durable construction Technical data:  Tank - 6 l; Flow - 160 l/min; Pow..
The Michelin MB 2420(V2)-230/50 is a robust and reliable reciprocating compressor designed to meet a wide variety of compressed air requirements. The compressor has a 24 liter tank volume and compact dimensions that make it easily portable and a reliable companion in any situation that requires the use of compressed air. Features: Compact design High power Durable construction Te..
Michelin MB.5020(V2)-23050.R5002 is a powerful and versatile air compressor, designed to perform a variety of tasks. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the compressor is easy to carry and store. Features: Compact design High power Durable construction Technical data:  Tank - 50 l; Flow - 170 l/min; Power - 1.5 kW; Dimensions - 28x76x60 cm; We..
Using the most advanced manufacturing processes and combining more than 80 years of experience in compressed air engineering, KAESER’s skill and expertise guarantees that our products are with the highest quality standards. Every KAESER piston compressor is using special high-grade lubricating fluid that eliminates the build up of oil-carbon deposits on the valves. In addition, the fluid enable..
KAESER’s Eurocomp series stationary piston compressors have successfully served trade and industry for years. The choice of horizontal, vertical or free-standing air receivers allows these highly versatile compressors to be installed in any location. Low compressed air temperature Maintenance-free transmission Double vibration dampening Sound levels of Eurocomp piston compressors can b..
To fulfil their wide range of applications, PREMIUM piston compressors meet the very highest standards in quality, reliability and versatility. There is a model to suit every application. Carefully constructed using the very best materials, each unit ensures a long, efficient and reliable service life. Proven quality, robust design and long maintenance intervals make PREMIUM series compressors fro..
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