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Condensate treatment


In many instances, compressor condensate contains small amounts of oil. Consequently, it is common for official regulations to impose certain standards that must be met regarding the maximum oil content in order for the condensate to be discharged into the regular sewer system.

The AQUAMAT oil-water separators are specifically designed to effectively remove dispersed oil from the condensate. These separators have obtained type approval from the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), ensuring their reliability and compliance with relevant regulations. With our AQUAMAT separators, you can treat the condensate in a legally compliant manner right at the source, without any energy consumption.

To cater to specific installation requirements, we provide electronic level sensors, tested oil pans, and frost protection heaters. These additional components are designed to meet specialized needs and ensure optimal performance. Furthermore, if you have multiple separators with an equivalent condensate load, we offer special condensate distributors that facilitate parallel connections.

With our comprehensive range of products and solutions, we aim to assist you in achieving proper condensate treatment while meeting regulatory standards and addressing your specific installation needs.

All compressor condensate usually contains trace amounts of oil. Accordingly, it's common in most cases for official regulations to apply which require compliance with a maximum oil content before condensate can be fed into the regular sewer system. AQUAMAT oil-water separators remove dispersed oil – with type approval from Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). They enable legally compliant ..
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