МАВА Индустриал АД лидер в сферата на индустриалното опаковане и пневматика Leader in industrial packaging and pneumatics
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Quality policy of MAVA Industrial SA

MAVA INDUSTRIAL SA, represented by its Executive Director, hereby makes an official statement on its quality policy, the latter being announced, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the Organisation:

The scope of activity of Mava Industrial SA is to promote the trade of the following main types of products: 1) Packaging machines and consumables, 2) Compressors, 3) Fastening systems and consumables, 4) Pneumatic tools, 5) Lifting, handling and weighing equipment, 6) Spare parts for such equipment, and 7) Rendering maintenance services for the equipment as stated above.

MAVA INDUSTRIAL SA has been operating in Bulgaria since 1999 and is a leading company on the Bulgarian market mainly in the field of packaging machines and materials, as well as in compressor equipment and consumables. This position reflects our clear understanding to be oriented towards customized relationships with each and every customer, as well as to provide the best possible services thereto.

Customer is being perceived as a separate business entity, acting within a specific technological and economic identity. To meet customer’s needs does not come down to an occasional relationship only. It is about a long-lasting cooperation to be established.

Development of such cooperation greatly enhances our sense of responsibility in terms of quality, product price and further tracking of customer needs both before and after the sale. We shall work in this direction with our suppliers and sub-suppliers. At the same time, we are committed to be providing an even more useful access to the scope of our business.

This “customized service to the customer” principle is the core of our organisation and its activities. It is manifested in all administrative and operational resources of the Organisation, but above all, in the continuous pursuit of high-tech products, in the structuring of the sales network, in providing rapid flexible logistics and in the timely and reliable technical support.

Our Organisation shall effectively utilize the available material, human and financial resources depending on the needs and requirements of our customers. It shall systematically conduct trainings to improve the qualification of the staff as well as its motivation for high-quality work and performance, along with innate striving and perseverance towards steady and measurable improvements in the day-to-day work.

By applying the international quality standard BDS EN ISO 9001:2015, the Organisation is constantly adapting modern scientific, organisational and structural data to its internal (administrative) and external (supply, sales, maintenance, etc.) activities, thus achieving continuous improvement. Company management assesses and periodically reviews all types of potential risks that might be originating from all possible sources and stakeholders, taking steps to improve its effectiveness.

Along with the development of its business, the Organisation maintains a productive quality system that is being constantly improved, self-controlled, renewed and developed during its business cycle.

This system allows for a more balanced development of the Organisation in the future, strengthening its flexible and adaptive nature, while reinforcing the quality of its services.

The management and staff of Mava Industrial SA express their commitment to comply with national and European Community legal obligations relating to the scope of the Organisation, including those regarding health, safety and environmental protection, and furthermore to contribute to the implementation of the quality standard BDS EN ISO 9001:2015, thus adapting its activities to to provide custom-tailored services to its customers.

15 January 2018




Executive Director