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Ecomodular: the wider wrapping machine in the sector A wide sealing surface, as much as 570x420 mm, is the distinctive feature of ECOMODULAR, the easy and user-friendly manual angular packaging machine. The sealing blade at the bottom has a simple and effective temperature control system and allows for optimal sealing with any kind of film. Available in the standard (with a fixed plate) and aut..
12,900.00лв. 16,700.00лв.
Media: efficient and versatile monoblock wrapping machine MEDIA is the latest piece of Minipack®-Torre range of semi-automatic modular angular wrapping machines, presenting a monoblock structure that distinguishes it from other proposals. Specifically, the retracting tunnel -equipped with a speed, height and temperature adjustment system- is fully integrated within the welding unit, making the ..
14,000.00лв. 17,500.00лв.
The new version of the shrink wrap machine Pratika 55 Smart comes from a constant attention to the needs of the market, with the aim of proposing a technologically advanced product, but flexible and extremely compact. The included tunnel, revolutionary in the world of automatic machines, meets the space requirements, but above all reduces labour costs to a minimum, thanks to the patented option “c..
43,000.00лв. 49,000.00лв.
By working together with top chefs during the design and manufacturing of the display, minipack-torre have been able to extend the features provided by the control panel by taking into account the specific needs of professional users. An inert gas insertion kit is also supplied as an optional feature. The control panel has up to 10 custom programs that can be set. The display shows the need ..
These are all extremely sturdy machines, as they are entirely made of stainless steel and are easy to use are they operate with a fully automatic cycle. With their compact design, they are practical and yet also high-performance machines, thanks to their powerful self-lubricating pump. They employ specific bags (embossed bags or with three layers) or suitable rigid containers. Our SAVEVAC machi..
The chamber vacuum sealers MVS X line has high-quality technological and functional content, but retains the utmost ease of use. The collaboration with important chefs at the stage of realization and design has allowed to enrich the functions offered by these latter-generation vacuum machines, taking into consideration the specific needs of professional users. The tactile control keypad is a..
MAILBAG: the fully automatic bagging machine for the publishing industry MAILBAG is an automatic vertical bagging machine ideal for magazines, reports, catalogues and publications. The bag sealer machine works with a film reel mounted on a motorised roller. An adaptor folds the film and forms a closed bag containing the products. At the end of the process the product is automatically ejected. R..
X-BAG is the latest-generation vertical packaging machine that could only stem from minipack®-torre‘s innovation drive. It encapsulates the best technology available on the market, as well as innovations unique in their kind. Simple, cost-effective and practical, X-BAG is a form-fill-seal machine that creates packaging with three air-tight seals starting from a reel of flat heat-shrink film...
Also the kit for the inert gas injection is foreseen as optional. The control panel allows to set up to 10 customized programs. The display shows the oil change need with suitable message. The membrane switch board is adhesive and stuck on the front of the body; this prevents the entry of liquids into the card. A next-generation electronic sensor, which analyses the data directly from the card,..
The collaboration with important chefs in the realisation of the machine and the design of the display has allowed to enrich the functions offered by the control panel, taking into consideration the specific needs of professional users. In this chamber vacuum sealer, the kit for the insertion of inert gases is also provided as optional. The command panel allows you to set up to 10 custom pro..
The flagship feature of the new line of chamber vacuum sealers MVS XP is the ability to trace the vacuum obtained inside the package: a revolutionary step for controlling the vacuum inside, perfectly consistent with the innovative thrust that has always characterized minipack®-torre. In some models of the line of vacuum packaging machines, it is possible to obtain specific labels for each packa..
With the new MVS XP line the vacuum inside the packaging can be traced: it is a new and revolutionary concept for the internal vacuum, an exclusive innovation in MIinipack-Torre style. Indeed some models offer the possibility to obtain, for any single packaging cycle, a label where the essential processing information is printed. The new conception control display installed on these machines..
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