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Eco Modular - Manual packaging machine with L-Sealing + Mono-chamber heat-shrinking tunnel Tunnel 50 DIGIT
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Eco Modular - Manual packaging machine with L-Sealing + Mono-chamber heat-shrinking tunnel Tunnel 50 DIGIT


Ecomodular: the wider wrapping machine in the sector

A wide sealing surface, as much as 570x420 mm, is the distinctive feature of ECOMODULAR, the easy and user-friendly manual angular packaging machine. The sealing blade at the bottom has a simple and effective temperature control system and allows for optimal sealing with any kind of film. Available in the standard (with a fixed plate) and automatic version (with a product evacuation belt), this machine by minipack®-torre is completed by TUNNEL 50. This solution creates perfectly heat-shrunk packaging and meets any need in terms of packaging.

TUNNEL 50 is a masterpiece in MINIPACK-TORRE shrinking devices. Now on the market with up-to-date solutions to pack with maximum efficacy the most different kind of shrinking film. 


  • Manual regulation of conveyor height
  • Digital display with 9 storable programs
  • Selection of self rotation of conveyors rolls
  • Double air flap
  • Auto switch-off
  • Exit roll conveyor






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Technical features
Electrical power supply (V)

230 V

MAX power installed (kW) 2.2 kW
Hourly output 0-550 p/h
Available dimensions of the sealing bars 540х390 mm
MAX Product Dimensions 500x360x250 mm
MAX Reel Dimensions (diameter) 250 mm
MAX Reel Strip Dimensions (width) 600 mm
Work surface height 930 mm
Machine dimensions with the sealing fr. open 1570x730x h.1400 mm
Machine dimensions with the sealing fr. closed 1570x730x h.1100 mm
Machine weight (Net/Gross) 101/130 kg

Model 50 DIGIT
Electrical power supply

200V 50/60Hz

208V 60Hz

220V 50/60Hz

400V 50/60Hz

Phase 3 ph
MAX power installed

7 kW (200V)

7,5 kW (208V)

7,2 kW (220V)

7,2 kW (400V)

MAX product size

400x220 mm x L.

(The maximum length depends on the shape, conveyor belt speed and type of film, etc.)

Machine dimensions 1770x840x1465 mm
Machine weight (Net/Gross) 188/236 kg
Tunnel infeed dimensions 450х240 mm