► Provide the necessary ventilation and suitable working environment (cleanliness, temperature above 5ºC and installation of compressors so that they are convenient to operate) of the compressor room. & nbsp;

► Locate and remove system leaks. Every year thousands of levs are spent in vain due to the existence of obsolete or poorly maintained compressed air systems.

► Use automatic drainage cisterns. 30 kW compressor with a capacity of 5 m 3 / min. at 7.5 bar it can produce approximately 20 l of condensate per shift. & nbsp;

► Make sure that the compressed air network is dimensioned correctly. All pressure drops in the individual sectors of the system must be calculated. & Nbsp;

► Use integrated equipment control systems. They will let you know if the system is working properly, you will receive maintenance messages and how high the pressure is in the system. & Nbsp;

► Use the obtained heat energy in the production of compressed air. An 18.5 kW compressor can produce enough energy to heat a family home. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; If you are about to build a new or optimize an existing compressor installation, contact us to consult an engineer.