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ECOWRAP XL - Stretch wrapping machine

ECOWRAP XL - Stretch wrapping machine


Semi-automatic rotating arm stretch wrapping machine for unstable and heavy products.

ECOWRAP PANEL - The new control panel with JOG and graphic display with icon selection provides easier access to drives and a clear understanding of work settings.

CARRIAGE WITH MECHANICAL BRAKE - Spool carriage with mechanical brake on return roller: constant stretch of the film independently of the diameter of the spool. Brake engagement/release device to facilitate hooking the film to the base of the pallet. Auxiliary metal rolls ensure an higher contact surface between film and return roller.

FAST AND SAFETY - Stop frontal ledge for easy load.

The FRD film carriage with Mechanical Brake is manually adjusted and has an indicator to show the tension setting. There is also a tension on/off lever to allow film to be released for attaching to the pallet without altering the film tension. This system allows tension to be constant and not effected by the size of the film reel.

Technical features


  • Productivity: 30 pallets/h
  • Max load height/mm: 2000
  • Carriage: FRD
  • Rounds per minute: 7-11
  • Max load dimensions/mm: 1200x1200
Machine Specifications
FEEDING semi-automatic
TECHNOLOGY rotating arm