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Electrical manual thermosealers TSM 101- R

Electrical manual thermosealers TSM 101- R


Thanks to its compact size and quick mould change, it is the ideal solution for small deli stores and supermarkets. It is possible to complete the machine with the J Pack-patented INFINITY modular mould or with customized moulds. Thanks to the innovative “Click-n-Pack” system, sealing has never been so easy.


  • Rapid installation
  • Minimun maintenance
  • Quick cleaning up
  • Reduced volume Ideal solutions for Small gastronomies, supermarkets, grocers' and catering
Technical features
  • Machine sizes and weight: 260 x 300 mm (h500); 20 kg
  • Tray max sizes: 205 x 150 mm (h100)
  • Reel max width and diam.: L = 150 - ⌀ 160 mm
  • Feeding: Electric
  • Tray loading and movement: Manual
  • Mould: Infinity, FnF Fixed no die-cut
  • Mould change
  • Customizable mould
  • Film automatic unwinding
  • Cycle-end acoustic device
  • Cycles/minute: 6-8
  • Partial and tot. cycle counter
  • Customized digital sealing programmes: 5
  • Voltage - Absorbtion: 220 V - 500 W