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Impulse sealers hacona C-type
Impulse sealers hacona C-type - 2
Impulse sealers hacona C-type - 3
Impulse sealers hacona C-type - 4
Impulse sealers hacona C-type
Impulse sealers hacona C-type
Impulse sealers hacona C-type
Impulse sealers hacona C-type
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Impulse sealers hacona C-type


5 sealing bar sizes assure the maximum flexibility

The hacona C – type impulse heat sealing machines are produced in 5 different sealing bar length. This wide product range assures the maximum flexibility to choose the right machine size for the right application. For small bag sizes the C – 220 impulse film sealing machine offers best place saving solution. If all kind of different bag sizes are used in the packaging, than the C – 820 offers the most flexible solution, because all bag sizes can be sealed on one machine.

All of the C – type impulse film sealing machines are working on impulse sealing principle. The sealing wire gets only hot when sealing bar is closed.

  • Maximum safety
  • Maximum energy saving
Technical features
Model C-220, Cl-220 C-320, Cl-320 C-420, Cl-420 C-620, Cl-620 C-820, Cl-820
Max sealing length (mm) 220 320 420 620 820
Sealing width (mm) 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5

Max sealable film width (mm) /

Max cutting width (mm)

200 300 400 600 800
IP protection class IP23 IP23 IP23 IP23 800
Electrical connection (V,Hz) 230, 50/60 230, 50/60 230, 50/60 230, 50/60 230, 50/60
Max power consumption (W) 180 218 248 365 468
Size of machine WхLхH (mm) 440x95x300 520x95x300 630x95x300 840x95x300 1030x95x300
Weight of machine (kg) 3.30 3.80 4.40 5.10 7.20
Electrical plug EU plug standart EU plug standart EU plug standart EU plug standart EU plug standart

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General information: All hacona film sealing machines, including the hacona C – type are designed to seal also narrow packaging films with a wide sealing bar size!

Example: With a C – 820 impulse film sealing machine it is possible to seal very narrow, even 50 mm (2 inches) or 100 mm (4 inches) wide packaging film. No mechanical adjustments are needed to work with 50 mm (2 inches) or even with the 820 mm (32 inches) packaging film.

The sealable maximum material thickness (absolute material thickness) for all C – type impulse film sealing machines is:

  • PE Polyethilene 200 micron
  • PP Polypropylene 200 micron
  • Multi layer - laminated film 100 micron (depending on the type of the lamination!)