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The GEM F470G model comes with an upper carriage floating system which offers a number of advantages: the overfilled boxes can be taped without any problem floating on hard cardboard facilitates the closure of the lateral flaps with the floating system it is possible to lift the upper head group to the maximum limit to replace the tape in the lower head, exploiting the floating cylinders..
The F2000 is a carton erecting machine which automatically prepares the boxes with the four bottom flaps folded, taking them from the side magazine. Once the carton is formed it is sent to the filling line after automatic taping of the bottom. Carton erecting is perfectly carried out even with light cardboard thanks to a patented device. Any interference from the flaps during folding is completely..
GEM 52 is semi-automatic carton sealer with autoadhesive tape for the top and bottom sealing of American-type boxes, for uniform carton size batches, manual dimensioning. The adjustments are fast and easy, also allowing its use by non-specialist operators. The machine, if combined with infeed and outfeed conveyors, represents a simple, fast and economical packaging station. Main machine structu..
GEM X350/X360 is especially suitable for sealing tall, narrow boxes as four belts, two upper and two lower, horizontal and parallel to the work surface are used for conveying. The use of a single motor for driving the four conveyor belts simultaneously is totally innovative and patented, allowing smooth and even feeding of the boxes. The speed of the upper and lower belts is in fact the same in me..
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