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Rotary blowers KAESER up to 37 kW - DBS 221

Rotary blowers KAESER up to 37 kW - DBS 221


When it comes to KAESER rotary screw blowers with the SIGMA Profile, efficiency is more than just a promise. As operation-ready, “Plug-and-play” complete solutions, low-maintenance blower systems offer exceptional efficiency at the touch of a button. What is more, KAESER rotary screw blowers are designed to be especially compact, can be controlled remotely or automatically for trouble-free operation and are compatible with Industrie 4.0 systems.

Low energy consumption, coupled with the ability to operate at 100% duty cycles, ensures that KAESER rotary screw technology pays off handsomely when it comes to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, flotation, fluidisation and fermentation applications.


  • Maximum efficiency - KAESER rotary screw blowers are highly efficient across a broad flow rate control range. Their exceptional efficiency allows savings of up to 35% in comparison to conventional blower systems.
  • Operating data and status information in real-time - The integrated SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller provides efficient control and monitoring of operating data and status information in real-time. A multitude of available communications channels make conducting energy audits in accordance with ISO 50001 as easy as child's play.
  • Low installation costs - Connection-ready blowers are delivered complete with all sensors and an emergency stop switch, are ready-filled with oil and are fully certified. This significantly reduces the work and costs required for planning, installation, certification, documentation and commissioning.
Technical features
Model Max. pressure differential (mbar) Max. flow rate *) (m³/min) Max. rated motor power (kW) Pipe connection (DN) Dimensions with control cabinet WxDxH (mm) Max. mass (kg)
DBS 221 L SFC 700 23 30 100 1110x1480x1670 850
DBS 221 L STC 700 19 22 100 1110x1480x1670 850
DBS 221 M SFC 1100 22 37 100 1110x1480x1670 850
DBS 221 M STC 1100 18 37 100 1110x1480x1670 850


*) Performance specifications as per ISO 1217 Annexe C for STC version, Annexe E for SFC version.